Stiga DNA Hybrid M

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.2
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- H-Touch Tensor technology provides a unique rubber with a sponge hardness               of 47.5 degrees

- DNA Hybrid M = Medium – A perfect balance between control and speed

- The table tennis rubber has a semi-sticky surface for maximum rotation

- Optimised surface grip for increased spin capacity and a longer ball trajectory

- Power Sponge Cells deliver maximum catapult effect and optimal power

- Developed in collaboration with top Chinese, Japanese and Swedish players

- Made in Germany, designed in Sweden

 The rubber is designed and optimised for table tennis players with an all-round/offensive playing style, who have high demands and expect the highest quality materials.

The medium-hard sponge of DNA Hybrid M is designed for players looking for the perfect balance between control and speed. It lets the player win duels more easily with a third ball attack or play it safe with a lot of spin. DNA Hybrid M is optimised for the ABS ball, and the rubber’s unique semi-sticky surface lets the player generate maximum ball rotation more easily during challenging situations. The rubber finish provides superior grip and spin, adding a brilliantly high level of control from the opening to counter loops. This lets players score points from really tough angles without sacrificing any speed. STIGA’s PSC (Power Sponge Cells) technology in combination with the H-Touch Tensor technology generates a longer ball trajectory and a more aggressive arc during loop play. The sponge pores uniquely enhance the contact between the rubber and the blade, giving each stroke a satisfyingly crisp sound.

Speed: 113

Spin: 122

Control: 84

Hardness: Hard

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