Spinlord RD1 Premium

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Handle: Straight
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The new version of the RD1 is a particularly high-quality all-round frame whose veneer combination has changed considerably compared to the old RD1. The outer veneers are now made of Limba. The intermediate veneer is made of acacia and the core veneer is made of ayous. Overall, this veneer combination is slightly faster than the old RD1. This new version is therefore more of an All+ frame and even slightly faster than the Ultra Allround. The handle is also unchanged, but the wood in the new version is made of very high quality Italian painted ayous instead of Chinese painted poplar. This benefits both the appearance and the playing characteristics of the frame. This change is also the main reason for the higher price. This new version of the RD1 is also slightly stiffer than the old RD1 or the Ultra Allround. This results in better speed reserves for offensive hits. With the RD1, in combination with the right rubbers, all playing strategies from DEF to OFF are possible. Such a classic veneer combination also has the great advantage that it can be combined well with all types of rubber.

Pace: 80

Control: 95

Weight: approx. 87 grams

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