SpinLord Keiler II

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.5
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The SpinLord Keiler was used very successfully with the women, including at the international level, but the sponge was a little too soft and a little too slow for use by men in the professional field.

Here we start with the Keiler II, which now uses a very hard (hardness level approx. 45-47 degrees) and also very fast sponge. Nevertheless, the ball contact is generally only medium hard and definitely softer than with the Waran II, which is of course due to the slightly longer and softer pimples of the Keiler II.

The Keiler II is also more elastic and generally even more dangerous than the Keiler.

The Keiler II sponge is currently among the absolute best sponges made in China. Most studs from China and also many European brands use simpler sponges, the best sponges are usually reserved for backside rubbers. You immediately notice the difference between the Keiler II and similar rubbers: The Keiler II simply has more penetrating power and disruptive effect, but due to its enormous variability it is still easy to control even with passive blows.

On the other hand, in addition to the disturbing effect, the rotational development is generally better. Very strong players can even play an effective backspin defense with the Keiler II, topspins with a shortened arm movement also work. However, his main strength is the powerful counter and block game.

The Keiler II can be used as both a forehand rubber and a backhand rubber.

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