Spinlord Classic Carbon Premium

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Handle: Straight
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The Classic Carbon Premium is basically the same frame that is or was used in some complete bats.

However, the frame offered here is of a higher quality level, namely the highest premium quality. The veneers are selected more strictly and the processing quality is at the upper limit.

In comparison, the price is still very cheap, as high-quality carbon frames from other manufacturers often cost many times more.

The outer and intermediate veneers are made of Limba. The kiri core veneer is encased in 2 synthetic fiber layers of thin carbon fleece.
The handles are made of solid hinoki.
In principle, the veneer combination is a very classic one that has been tried and tested for many years. We believe that this veneer combination is still better or at least as good as those that use significantly more expensive experimental synthetic fibers and/or exotic wood veneer.
The Classic Carbon is also not completely stiff and therefore also well suited for passive hits. Essentially it is an attacking blade for the modern European topspin game.
Basically, the Classic Carbon is very easy to play, very controlled in relation to the speed and can be combined with almost all rubbers.

Of course, the Classic Carbon can also be combined very well with short pimples, but for the combination with long pimples or antis it may be a bit too fast (it is slightly faster than the Ultra Carbon).

Pace: 92
Control: 89
Weight: approx. 88 grams

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