Lion Defence Pro

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Handle: Straight
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The Lion Defense Pro is the successor to the popular Lion Defense.
Apart from the handle design, there is really only one change: the 1.2 mm thick outer veneer (so the outer veneer is slightly thicker than usual) is made of spruce and not ayous.
This is for the following reasons:
Spruce wood produces more spin/disruptive effect than Ayous.
The frame is much more robust with spruce wood than with Ayous.
Spruce wood is still quite soft, but not as susceptible to scratches and dents as Ayous.
Of course there are also two disadvantages: Spruce wood is considerably more expensive than Ayous and also heavier. Yet the weight of the Defense Pro is still very low: about 80 grams.
With only 3 veneers of soft ayous (core veneer) and spruce wood (outer veneer), this frame can provide very strong damping during passive play. The total thickness of the frame is approx. 4.2mm. To ensure that the frame is not too elastic and does not break too easily, a special gluing technique has been chosen that makes the frame harder and more stable at the same time.

Speed: 50
Control: 100
Bending Strength: 82
Weight: approx.80 grams

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