Gewo In-force S-HAC Off

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Handle: Straight
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The success story continues! What started with the Force ARC Off in 2011 is now consistently continued with the new GEWO Force Series. New compositions and materials have been combined in a way that meets the demands of modern high-performance table tennis. The composition of the worldwide popular Force ARC Off remains unchanged, but has been improved again in terms of poise and balance and adapted to the requirements of today's modern table tennis.

The flagship in terms of dynamics and control! The use of the innovative Super-Hybrid Aramid Carbon Fiber (S-HAC) has resulted in an absolutely high-quality powerhouse in terms of speed, acceleration and control. The more stable S-HAC plastic ensures a slightly longer ball contact time with this blade, which significantly increases control despite the high speed. The GEWO In-Force S-HAC offers a clear, linear playing feel and the necessary power to put the opponent under constant pressure without losing control.

model specification
Composition: Limba / Ayous / Super Hybrid Aramid Carbon / Ayous / Super Hy-brid Aramid Carbon / Ayous / Limba
Weight: 90g
Pace: 103
Control: 88

Available from 18-09-2023

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