Gewo Flip Paddle Set

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Flip-Paddle in a set (5 pieces)

The Flip-Paddle is a training game device for the sport of table tennis
The player can use the Flip-Paddle by trying to tip over the paddles with table tennis balls.
- Small compact design
- Quick and easy assembly
- Can be placed anywhere on the table tennis table
- Can be set up individually or in combination
- Sturdy plastic design

The Flip-Paddle is ideal for use in beginners and youth training.
Due to its compact design and the ability to quickly assemble several Flip-Paddles, it can be used for many game variations.

- service and service reception training
- placement exercises

Product details:
- Material: plastic (ABS)

Dimensions and weight:
- Length: 21.0 cm
- Width: 10.5 cm
- Height: 2.5 cm
- Weight: 75 grams

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