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GEWO Zoom Balance ALL combines three premium wood layers Kiri, Ayous with each other. With the inner Ayous layers and a Kiri middle layer, it forms a great combination of balance and feel ("Rubber Impulse"). The layers provide a large Sweet Spot, good bending strength and unique Power Feedback to meet the demands of modern table tennis. The speed and control values of this ALL frame have been carefully chosen and make it possible to easily switch from passive to active play and vice versa within the rally. Thanks to the unique 'Power Feedback' you are always in control. This feature is ideal for passive strikes such as blocks, slides and well-placed counter strikes, putting your opponent under pressure from the start. Carefully selected wood layers provide a great feel, making the bat an excellent choice for all-rounders. In addition to excellent control, the bat also has sufficient speed potential for your own attacks. Gewo Rubber Proton Neo 375 - Feeling for the game, high spin values and controlled speed were central to the development of Proton Neo 375. The results are: the best scores in terms of speed, dynamics and spin elasticity. Excellent speed ratings for incredible variability in topsins, smashes, aggressive blocks or counters. GEWO Proton Neo 375 is medium soft and therefore provides a good feeling. GEWO Return Pro has been developed for the modern all-round player who wants to play a controlled topspin game. This rubber is extremely easy to handle in all situations, provides control and a good feeling while still offering sufficient speed. The soft underlay reduces the slingshot effect, allowing all-round players to play with medium speed and strong spin while having the utmost control. The underlay, combined with the very sticky surface, provides an excellent feel even when playing something off the table. The Return Pro comes with a very sensitive and elastic underlay. The 2.0mm version allows you to play a very precise and controlled attacking game, while the 1.8mm and 1.6mm versions offer optimal control at medium speed. With defensive shots, the Return Pro allows you to play a maximum of spin variations. The extended contact time with the ball increases this effect even further. This rubber will increase your playing pleasure. A rubber for maximum precision on all strokes.

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