Friendship 563 SP

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.2
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The Friendship 563 SP is a completely new rubber with ITTF approval, which has only a few things in common with the classic Friendship 563. This rubber is also marketed with the suffix "Legend". Like the "old" 563, the 563 SP is a medium-long pimpled rubber. On all other points, however, the two rubbers differ significantly in some cases. The stud geometry of the 563 SP is the same as the "old" 563, but the studs are slightly longer. The top sheet is basically medium soft and also very elastic. The speed of the top rubber is, just like that of the bottom layer, offensive in a controlled manner. This makes the 563 SP an offensive all-round rubber or a controlled offensive rubber that is only slightly faster than the "old" 563. The quality and durability are significantly better than the cheaper older models. The open pore base layer has a hardness of about 42 - 44 degrees according to our estimates and also offers a slight built-in speed glue effect. However, the bottom sheet is not extremely fast, the speed of this rubber is mainly generated by the top sheet.

Speed: 80

Spin: 69

Control: 75

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