Dr.Neubauer Gladiator

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Handle: Anatomic
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GLADIATOR is a very good frame for players looking for a stiff compound for use with pimpled or anti-spin rubbers. The hard outer layers and especially the titanium material placed underneath guarantee a low bounce and the highest efficiency. Both the reversal effect when blocking with frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers and the wobbling effect obtained when playing with long pimples are excellent. At the same time, all classic attacking strokes such as looping (topspin) and smash are easy to perform with backside rubbers or attacking short pimple rubbers. This All/All+ frame offers good control despite the stiff plywood composition. . Game system: All/All+ Weight: approx. 76 grams Layers: 7 Thickness: 6mm Types of handles: straight/concave/anatomical/pen holder

Tempo: 80

Control: 90

Stiffness: 87

Dimensions (H x W) 15.4 x 15.3 cm

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