Donic Piranja CD

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 0.5
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As a classic long pimpled rubber, the DONIC PIRANJA CD (Classic Defence) is the ideal complement to the DONIC SLICE 40 CS.

With a very good spin reversal effect combined with excellent control, the DONIC PIRANJA CD delivers exactly those two critical points that matter most to long pimple players.

But this long pimpled rubber also offers all the capabilities needed for modern defensive play, both in terms of spin change when sliding, as well as when blocking and countering.

Its versatility together with tremendous control over all shots make the PIRANJA CD an effective weapon.

Technology: Classic long pimple rubber, soft sponge, ribbed pimple structure.
Features: Very good reversal effect, enormous control with block and counter play.
Recommendation: For defensive players who play close to the table as well as defensively.

Sponge thickness: 0.5/1.0
Surface: long studs
Sponge hardness: medium
Control: 8-
Speed: 3
Effect: 3 - 10
Interfering operation: 8
Category: DEF/DEF+

Available in week 41 2023

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